Blog Guidelines

We want to have good-quality posts and comments on the Y4 blog.These guidelines are to encourage this, and for everyone's safety.


  • Everyone in Year 4 is free to post as much as you like. 
  • Make posts that are mostly your work - not mostly images, words or video from someone or somewhere else.
  • Make sure that none of what you post will be offensive or distressing to anyone that might read it. 
  • Children should be identified in posts by only first names. Their name should not be with their photo.
  • We love getting comments!
  • Your comments will of course be positive and relevant.
  • Proof-read your comment carefully. 
  • Check the spelling and punctuation are correct before clicking "Publish". 
  • Always write in full sentences and words – no “text talk” please!
  • It's often a good idea to give a compliment to the writer. This will encourage them to write more.
  • Asking a question of the writer is another good strategy. This will then develop a good conversation.
  • If you're a visitor, the best choice of "Comment as" option is probably "Anonymous" - but please add your name at the end of the comment, so we know who you 
  • If you're from another class or school, let us know which it is!
  • Also, children's comments should have first names only.

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