Saturday, 30 April 2016

Holiday tasks 1 & 2


This is a picture of a building near Parc Du Pigeonnier in Colomiers. We can see  various geometrical shapes in this building like cone,cylinder,rectangle,triangle and semi-circle etc.


                                              LOTUS TEMPLE

 The lotus temple is located in New Delhi,India.
It is interesting for its lotus flower shape.
It has 27  free standing white marble clads "petals",arranged in the clusters of three to form nine sides.

                              INTERIOR VIEW

It has 9 doors opening into a central hall with height of slightly over 40 metres, which has the capacity of holding 2500 people.
This place is like a gathering place where people of all religion may worship God.

                                   LOTUS TEMPLE DRAWN BY ME

It was designed by an Iranian architect Fariborz Sahba.
It was completed in 1986.

Taj Mahal (task 1)

You all may have heard about The Taj Mahal, but how many of you have seen something in the structure?
I picked this building because of its interesting structure, and its beautiful shape. It took more than 22,000 people to build this impressive building including laboureres,embroidery artists, painters stonecutters,and many others!

The four sides of the taj mahal are perfectly identical which creates a mirrored image on each side. It uses the principles of self replicating geometry and makes it an architectural wonder. The Taj mahal is 171 metres tall and it stands majestically on the banks of river yamuna . Many people want to watch it on a full moon day as its beautiful reflection can be seen on the waters

The Taj Mahal takes different colouring at different times of the day, Pinkish hue in the morning,milky white in the evening, and a pretty shade of golden in the night.
Here is a picture of me in the entrance:

Lourdes 's Basilique. (Task 1)

The last week we received the visit of my grandparents. We organized several activities like: To know Toulouse, to visit Carcasonne, some museums, Lourdes......
My grandma wants go to Lourdes to visit its famous Basiliques. As you can see in the picture below, the Basiliques were very nice:

In the Basilique you can see a lot of geometric forms like: Triangles , cylinders , ovals , circles , rectangles , squares ...
In the following picture, I have tried to draw these forms:
With this drawing we could estimate the area!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


My village is located in a region called "La Mancha". Miguel de Cervantes wrote a novel called "The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quijote of La Mancha". In that time there were windmills which served to grind flour and make bread. He used windmills for his novel. This year celebrates the 4th centenary since the death of Miguel de Cervantes. This is a photograph of an old windmill:

In this picture you can see how is the inside of a windmill:  


Alonso Quijano was a little bit crazy nobleman  who wanted to be gentleman, and he like that his name was Don Quijote. He always was accompanied by his friend and squire Sancho Panza.
Don Quijote saw things  that the others did not see, He was falled in love for a ugly peasant but he  thought that she was a delicate and a beautiful maiden. One day he saw the windmills and he thought that they were dangerous giants and he fought against them.

Today there other windmills and are much more modern. Here is a picture of them:

Do you like my Región in Spain?

Structures Sagrada Familia (Noah)


This is the Sagrada Familia from Barcelona. 
I find it interesting because it has so many details.
I saw this structure when I went to Barcelona.
It is actualy a huge cathedral.
The architect is Gaudi but he is dead and he didn't even finish it!
Now I think it is a Japanese man that is trying to do the same style.

Here are some other Gaudi structues:
 Casa Mila
Casa Mila nearly only has curved sides!

Inside of Casa Mila

Casa Balto

Inside of Casa Ballto


Now this is a picture of the end of one of the towers of the Sagrada Familia :

 I also drew a picture of it:

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Construction homework (Kirill)

Mine picture (Kapla) :

Internet picture:

This is the Onstakino Tower. It's used in Russia for radio and internet connection. It is one of the highest towers. It's so high, and the view from it is so beautiful, they decided to turn some of it into a restaurant.

This is the tower:

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Our symbols

We've been looking at adinkra symbols from Ghana in Africa, and how they represent important values.

For instance, sankofa, which is a symbol of a bird reaching behind, means "go back and get it", and stands for learning from the past:
We thought about what values are important to us, and what helps us to learn:
We each chose a value or activity that was important to us and worked on a symbol that would metaphorically represent it; then we made the symbol more abstract and simple.

Here's a slideshow of our symbols:

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Writing our names in Urdu

Thank you to Maryam's mum who came in and showed us all how to write our names in Urdu script:

Armand - آرمنڈ
Beatriz - بیٹرکس
Ellis - ایلیس
Evangelos - ایوانجیلاس
Felix - فیلکس
Hannah - حینا
Ines - اینس
Jinmin - جینمن
Keech - کیچ
Killian - کیلین
Maria - ماریا
Maryam - مریم
Miguel - میگعل
Nicola - نیکولا
Noa - نوا
Orla - اورلا
Rhea - رئیا
Tibo - ٹیبو

 Julia  - جئلیا
 Mateo - میٹیو
 Edward- ایڈورڈ
 Loris - لوریس
 Pablo - پابلو
 Meili - معیلی
 Teresa - ٹریسا
Marcus - مارکس
 Bea - بعا
Matteo - میٹیو
 Abigail - ابیگیل
 Yeshu - یاشو
 Kirill - کیریل
Cristina - کرسٹینا
 Louis - لویس
 Shriya - شریا
 Libby - لیبی
 Manu - مانو
 Noah - نوحا

Scaling Minis

In Year 4 we have been looking at scaling up images and models.

We looked at these 2 Lego minis.
We thought about mathematical questions.
For example:
How many times larger is the big model than the smaller one?
How long is the small model?
How long is the big model?
What is the difference between the lengths of the two models?
How many small Lego minis equal the same length as one large Lego mini?

Here are some of our estimates of the lengths of the 2 cars:
The red writing is the actual length of each car.

We calculated that the smaller car is approximately 1/3 the scale of the larger car.

Next we wondered how this would compare to a real mini.  So Miss Whittaker let us use hers!
First we estimated the length of a real mini
Then we measured it.
We found out that Miss Whittaker's mini is 3.6m (360cm) long.
That's about 51 times longer than the small Lego mini!
We then used this information to help calculate what the width of Miss Whittaker's mini should be. We measured the small mini and it has a width of 3cm.  We multiplied this by 51 (using the same scale).  We think that the width of Miss Whittaker's mini is 153cm.
We are waiting to see if we are right!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Holi Party 2016!

                                बुरा ना मनो होली हैं!!
   In Hindi,  this means  'NO OFFENCE, IT IS HOLI!! Holi is a festival of colours. 
 This Holi,I celebrated in Rajpoot with my Indian community and had  loads of fun together.
This is me in the entrance with my friend Aryaa from secondary.This celebration was divided into two parts . First we welcomed everyone with traditional teeka which is a traditional form of welcome of guests before any auspicious celebration. It is usually made with sandalwood paste and red colour.

 Me and Aarya and other girls all set to welcome everyone for holi dressed in traditional indian clothes.
After this we all went in and had a small cultural programme.

Its a tradition to apply colour on each other because holi marks the beginning of spring.
Gradually, after all this fun, the festivities were over:(.I really enjoyed it and I am waiting for next year.So till then,


Scaling with cars and... Frank!!!

This morning I took some car models and made a table with the cars. Here are some pictures of the cars. They are a dark red Ford Mustang GT, a red Ferrari Scuderia Spider, a yellow Volkswagen Beetle and a light yellow Ford Focus. As you can see the models are at different scale.

And here is a picture of the table. I measured the length of the models,then I researched the length of the real car and at the end I calculated the scale. 

Finally I decided to check what is the scale of Frank! (or Frankie). 

Frank is approximately 36 cm long (including tail).
I did some research and discovered that normally a real lion is about 3.3 metres. So Frank is 9 times smaller than a real lion.

P.S. Frank likes peppers.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Ratio with pattern blocks

Continuing with our work on scaling, we've been looking at different ratios. In 4B we've been representing different ratios with pattern blocks:
Meanwhile in 4G we represented a 2:1 ratio lots of different ways. What we were doing is scaling up the numbers (but obviously not the shapes):