Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A nice visit to ALBI

On 17th October 2015 we went to a city ALBI. It took us around 1 hour to reach there by driving. I and my brother were very excited.

First we went to a big bridge; "Pond de Vieux". It was very old and beautiful bridge.

Then we went to a Cathedral of Saint Cecilia. It is the largest brick Cathedral in France. There is beautiful carving on the walls and very nice paintings on the roof.
There is a palace named Palais de la Berbie, it was the old bishop’s palace, now it is converted into Toulouse Lautrec museum, it also has a great garden.
The garden was beautifully designed and well maintained. This garden has amazing view.
The Museum is also very big and there are many paintings of great artists.
It was really a great trip and ALBI is a beautiful town!!

The adventure of my pebble

One sunny day I went to Argentina in the rain forest and I saw a family of monkeys throwing pebbles. I took one. Suddenly a magic door appeared. I ran through it.  I was in the epoch of the volcanoes..
I was wondering around two minutes later there was a earthquake i ran to a volcano. The volcanowas urupting!I ran as fast as i can.suduntly the magic door so i ran gust in timin the volcano

My Visit To Switzerland

In my vacation, me and my family went for a visit to Switzerland. It was very nice and peaceful over there but it was still quite cold. I enjoyed it a lot in Switzerland and hope to visit it again. The first day, we went to the Lake Geneva,where we saw many Swans, and here is a picture of them
I loved the swans and never wanted to leave their sight! It was a great sight to see.

On the second day, we went to Jardin Botonica, where there were such beautiful plants and trees, and here is a picture of them:
The garden was like I was standing in a fairy tale! It was at least beautiful enough for a girl like me to feel I was standing in a fairy tale!

After the garden, we went to the UN office and here is some proof:

The UN

When I saw the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, I ran and posed in front of the statue for in India he is named the Father of Nation. The UN was full of huge conference rooms and arts.here is a picture of the conference rooms:

On the third day,we took a train to Bern.The first day we just saw the downtown, but the second day, we went on a train ride. It was really fun and here are some pictures of the view we got:
That was my wonderful vacation in Switzerland.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

My Birthday Party!

Hannah, Orla, Nicola, Rhea and Ines were all invited to my party which was on October 15th.
The first thing we did was watch a movie called
Rainbow Rocks with some popcorn and crisps,we spent about an hour watching it.
Before long it was time to make cupcakes.Yum!
We had a choice to make chocolate or vanilla flavoured ones and I chose chocolate.
While the cupcakes were baking,we decorated our own pizzas with a partner and I paired with Ines.
the pizza decorations.
My pizza was stuffed with olives since I love them.
While we were waiting for all the pizzas to bake, we played in my garden, my trampoline and my swing set,it was all great fun!
When we were quite tired, the cupcakes were ready to get decorated!
The decorations were Chocolate icing,red icing,yellow icing,green icing and sprinkles.
All of us decorating our cupcakes.
Just before we ate our cupcakes,we had a contest to see whose cupcake was decorated the best and the winner was...

The cupcakes decorated.
 After that we had a contest for the pizzas and I won!!!  
All the pizzas decorated.

We played Musical statues and we also played musical chairs. 

all of us playing musical statues.

Soon it was time for everyone to go home,we gave them their goody bags.


Sunday, 18 October 2015

Lunch with Furry Shadow

Here is a picture of me and Furry Shadow eating our lunch.
We ate sandwiches and crisps
This is Furry Shadow testing a ham flavoured crisp.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


A very exciting morning at Vulcania!

The Awakening of Auvergne Giants

"What would happen if Auvergne’s volcanoes suddenly woke up?

The Chaîne des Puys and other volcanic mountain ranges in Auvergne are a remarkable and magnificent sight to see.

But, what if, tomorrow, these sleeping giants were suddenly to awake from their long slumber?
It’s a question everyone asks. The most recent eruption dates back to around 7,000 years and since then they have been dormant. But are they really extinct or only sleeping? You’ll find the answer at Vulcania in a groundbreaking film with special 4-D effects. If these special effects startle you, just remember that the breathtaking scenes before your eyes are based on real scientific knowledge.

Explosive eruptions, pyroclastic flows, molten lava…: a mixture of real images and lifelike special effects, this film will allow you to experience these unique phenomena as if you were really there…"
The Awakening of Auvergne Giants

Magma Explorer

You’re the hero of this magmatic expedition

"3,000 m under the Earth’s surface, all attempts to enter an active volcano’s magmatic chamber until now have failed.

But this time, you are part of the team!
Under the orders of commander Caldéra, on board the Magma Explorer III, you will voyage to the centre of this inferno where the temperature exceeds 1,000°. You’re in for a bumpy ride, full of ominous creaking and cracking sounds, amongst molten lava. But these special effects will not stop you from gathering a multitude of clues on conditions inside the volcano.
At least we hope so…"
Magma Explorer

Dragon Ride

"Discover a fascinating underground world…

Your assignment, if you accept it, will be to journey to the magmatic bowels of the Earth and experience the myths, legends and fantastic tales of mankind throughout the ages, tales full of monsters and dreams.

Get on board the interactive “rider”, the only machine of its kind in France. Once you are firmly belted into your seat (capable of performing 100 movements per second and simulating a 2G acceleration) your breathtaking ride on this unique attraction can start.

You will plunge into gaping chasms and explore gorges inhabited by a myriad of legendary and awe-inspiring creatures.
You will be completely spellbound by the power of this imaginary 3D adventure."
Outside Dragon Ride

"Regards sur les volcans" : Volcanic perspectives

"Discover the world’s active volcanoes

From the forge of Hephaestus to Mount Bromo in Indonesia, discover astonishing images of erupting volcanoes, together with scenes detailing the historic and mythological events that have shaped man’s relationship with the volcanic world.

This 23-min film directed by P. Villemin is shown in 70 mm format on a 415 m² giant screen and alternates with the Magical Odyssey, a film directed by D. Benichetti."
In the IMAX cinema

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Auvergne Day 2

Today we headed off to Lac Pavin in the morning.
In the afternoon, we went for a short walk in the Vallée de Chaudefour.
It was a misty day. But we still had two brilliant walks, and learnt a lot!

See Y3's blog post too!

Have a great time!

Armand's and Lucas's mum and dad wish you all a great trip in Auvergne. Thank you for the photos uploaded on the blog, have a great time and bring back lots of happy memories with your teachers and friends!

Annaïg and Romuald

Monday, 12 October 2015

The Puy de Vichatel

After our long journey to the Auvergne we had our picnic lunch and headed up the Puy de Vichatel.
When we were in the crater we performed a play, a sequence of haiku poems, and a song to each other. What a great natural amphitheatre!

Here are some photos of the walk:

Here's a video of 4B's haiku poem sequence, filmed in the crater:

And here is the route we took on Google maps, recorded with Endomondo:

When we got to the centre, it was time for dinner! There's been no time to write our postcards tonight - we'll have to do it tomorrow night!

Have a look at Year 3's blog post too!

Thinking of you Y4 .

Enjoy ......................
Our beautiful country !
Our beautiful planet !
Your wonderful IST field trip !

Meili s Mum and Dad 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

hokusai haiku- Mt Fuji in the sunset

People are walking
Mountain top covered with snow
Donkeys carrying loads

Image result for hokusai

haiku of brown mushrooms

Brown mushrooms growing
silent and polite in ground
poisonous or clean?


Gimont Airshow

On Sunday the 4th October me and my family drove to Gimont to watch an airshow.

It is held every year but we did not go last year.

The aerial display started at 2pm.  The first display was by 'Popov' who is the World Champion Aerobatic
Pilot.  The thing I thought was really cool was when he cut his engine and hung in the air for about 7 seconds
and then started his engine again.  I think 'Popov' was really impressive!!!

The next thing we saw was the Patrouille de France which is a team of 8 red, white and blue jet planes doing glorious stunts.

In one of their stunts they made a big red heart in the sky with an arrow going through it.

Here is a video of them whizzing past!!!

At the end of the show the A380 did some stunts over Gimont and it took our breath away.

My Mum took these photos.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Slope and Distance

After our friction experiments, both classes have been looking at other aspects of forces. In 4G we've been looking the angle of our slope.
We used a protractor to work out what angles were possible on the slope.
We wanted to see how the angle of the slope affects the distance a car goes after it runs down the slope. So, we tried it at lots of different angles, keeping every other variable the same.
We recorded what we found:
In some cases, the bigger the angle was, the further the car went:
Graphed with Desmos
In other cases, as the angle got bigger the distance got longer, but then, after a certain point, it got shorter again:
 Here's a chart that joins together all our results with an average result:
We talked about why there was that strange dip at the end. We had some good answers.

But what do you think?