Wednesday, 30 September 2015

landscape haiku

A boat is floating,
Small house stands alone,
Snow-capped Mount Fuji.

Masako plays the flute for us

The sakura or cherry blossom season is important in Japan.
Masako came and played a Japanese flute tune for us: Sakura.
Here is Masako playing:

Estimating and planning a kilometre walk

The challenge was to make a route around the school site that was a kilometre long.
We walked Tibo's one. We recorded it with Endomondo. It took us 9 minutes 10 seconds. But it was only 0.69 kilometres. We need to decide on a walk that's a bit longer.

My Volcano Dream

In my dream I went in to my garden there was a mountain I decided  to climb it. When I got to the top there was a crater and it was filled with lava.

I ran to get my mum and dad.  When we got to the top my mum gave a little squeak and jumped in the air and landed on me and then rolled down the volcano.  When my dad saw the lava he gave a little squeak and he was just about to say something when I woke up.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Haiku of my brother

Nice and elegant,
With shiny glasses on his head.
It is my brother!


Tereasa has written a post about the lunar eclipse, and it's made me think I should share my eclipse picture too. I got up at 4 o'clock at night and stood in the garden watching the eclipse.
After a while that white bit at the bottom disappeared. The moon was completely in the earth's shadow, and an unusual pink colour!

The moon eclipse in Quito

Did you now that there was a moon eclipse in the world?

In France the moon eclipse was last Sunday night at 4:00 o'clock, this is why I was not not able to see it, but my uncle and cousins who are living in Quito (Ecuador) have sent me two beatiful pictures.  The pictures were taken be my uncle, Jose, at 9 o'clock in the afternoon.

In Quito, there are 7 hours of difference with Toulouse, this is why there was still some light in the pictures.

This is before the moon eclipse

This is the moon eclipse

My weekend in Barcelona

 Last Friday I went to Barcelona in Spain. We visited lots of  buildings created by a famous architect called Gaudi. First we went to visit casa Batlo, it had a lot of interesting things, two of which are coloured ceramics and coloured glasses. Here is a photo of the house from the outside:
Inside it felt like being in the ocean:
We tried a lot of Spanish food, it was very good. The day after we went to see the biggest building we saw in the weekend. It is a church and it is called la Sagrada Familia. This is a picture of it:
Its towers reminded me of the sand castles I used to do at the beach this summer.

Wabi Sabi

We have read a book called Wabi Sabi that is about a cat trying to find out the meaning of her name.

Wabi sabi means seeing the beautiful in the ordinary things that people often ignore.

We went for a wabi sabi walk around school this morning and here are some of the wabi sabi things we noticed..

The curves of the leaves and the sunlight shining on them.  What else can you see?

The dew drops on the leaves and the crispy autumn colours.  What else can you see?

An evergreen tree sprinkled with autumn leaves - no longer just green!  What else can you see?

Here are some more photos.  They are full of wabi sabi moments.  What can you see?

The Pebble

My favourite part was when the girl told me where you came from and I told her I came from near the volcanoes.  One day the volcano erupted and the lava came. It was so, so, so hot and so, so, so warm.

Leaf Haiku

Curled, old and golden,
Wrinkled, spiky, rough, holey,
Smooth, dirty, doted, dying.

Fire bug

We found some fire bugs.
They smell like cherry leaves. Good.
But why black and red?

Cherry leaf Haiku

Cherry leaf, Dead leaf
Different colours, Full of holes,
Lying on the ground

Fire bug haiku

Little red firebugs
Hiding from Evangelos
In the tree trunk hole.

angel leaf haiku

orange circle leaf
beautiful like an angel
bumpy, full of holes

Leaf haiku


                                                      Yellow and curvy
                              Smooth in the front and rough in back   
                                      Torn and quite curly       

Leaf Haiku

Yellow like lemon

Torn and uneven, ripped, holed

Rippled like water.

Leaf haiku

Curved like an oval.
Soft, spiky but not hurting.
Pointy all around.

My leaf poem

    Old and wrinkled
    Bumpy, frozen and greyish
    Ancient olive tree.

Leaf Haiku

Rough, smooth and pretty
Cut of  shape and yellow
Beautiful and cool

Leaf Haiku

Old, dying, patterns.
Comes from a cherry tree, holes.
Redy orange, lines.

Haiku poem

Brown, crumpled, with rips,
It has lines, little yellow,
It has curves.

Leaf haiku

Deep beige cherry leaf.
Scratchy, dead as Volvic volcano.
Curved and beautiful.                    

Imaginary leaf Haiku

Different patterns,
Twisted, unsymmetrical,
Uneven, secret.

Haiku by Miguel

                                                                            Beautiful leaf,
                                                                            Like a heart of a human:
                                                                            Alive and happy.    

Olive tree haiku

Gnarled and grey olive,
Your trunk is twisted, tangled.
Which way have you grown?

Monday, 28 September 2015

Sunday, 27 September 2015

My pebble story

One day I went to explore in my garden when suddenly I stepped on something very smooth. I looked under me and saw a golden pebble. 'Where did you come from pebble?' I asked and picked it up. 'Did someone throw you in my garden? and left you on the ground?'

I was entering my house on Christmas morning and entering the house I suddenly found myself in a place covered of precious rocks. "This place is so cool!" I said in my brain. Then I got out of that place and my pebble began to talk to me and it said this: 'I travelled through time and I fell down a water fall, a dinosaur stepped on me, then a river brought me to someone else's house and one day they threw me into your garden! I travelled everywhere: first I was a part of the mountain, some days later the mountain began to crumble, so I fell down and into a river. Then I got so scared because I saw a waterfall coming towards me, and after a bit I fell down a waterfall and made a giant splash! Then I got into a forest. After some minutes a dinosaur kicked me and I got to a very cold place. After some hours ice came. I was in the Ice Age! The Ice pushed me to another spot, then a polar bear kicked me out of the Ice Age, and then there was an earthquake that brought me into your garden (I was amazed that my pebble could talk.)

My pebble

The pebble in my pocket dazzles in the light, it is hard and smooth . I found it by the sea. where did you come from pebble ?

Picture of Pebbles on the beach - Free Pictures -

A big bear!!!!!!

On a Wednesday afternoon when I came home back from school I found a huge bear in the living room!!! He was big and fluffy.
Sometimes before I go to bed I sit on the bear and start to read. I can do rolly polly on him: its great fun.
He is bigger than my bed and nearly as long as my bed.
His name is...
What do you think his name could be!!??!??!!?
( Its my mums bear!)

My Pebble journey

At the very top of a volcano sat that very beautiful pebble I had found. One black and grey day the tall volcano started to rumble and suddenly erupted!!!! My  small pebble flew over the sky, filled with lava and landed roughly in the boiling rocks.  Every day it got hotter and hotter! But one day there was the biggest earthquake it had ever seen. Suddenly the solid earth started to shake.

A huge and large mountain started to grow. Over millions of years the mountain had snow, my pebble was in the Pyrenees. After thousands of years on a cold Christmas Winter the icy snow flakes fell extremely hardly. There was a huge rock on top of my pebble then... ... suddenly it started to move and fell.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Making a home away from home

It's been four months,
since I packed my bags,
and moved to a new country,
where the language I did not know,
no friends to play,
I was lonely in every way.
only my parents and I would play,
until one day it felt like home,
I found a friend,
then two,
now I have so many! 
now  I believe,
that the home is where the heart is,
and we have built a home away from home.


On Saturday,I discovered the public library. Most of the books were in French, but,there were a few
English ones. I was reading most of the Roald Dahl books. Also, we went to a mall and ate some ice-cream. In the evening, we ate some Chorros and my mother made me some Strawberry milkshake. That is all the exciting things that happened on this lovely Saturday.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Me and my family in the beach

I had so much fun in the holidays with all my family

My new house

My new house is super cool!!! We have a jacuzzi and a swimming pool!
It is so good because it has bubbles.

My kitten called Melodie

Melodie is 5 months  old and she is very greedy and she plays with everything that she finds...
and she is very funny.

Cuisenaire rod factors

In 4G we've been preparing a big display of the factors of numbers, using Cuisenaire rods:

Here they are all together. They're going up on our corridor wall too!

Our lava paintings

We needed to paint our lava paintings over several sessions, allowing the paint to dry. Now we've finished them, we could show them in assembly. Aren't they brilliant!

Our pebble questions

We asked our pebbles questions:

Thursday, 24 September 2015

My favorite animal

The dog is my favorite animal because i can play with him and they are really kind
This is the list of things that you can play with dogs:
Catch the ball, Take him for a walk, bubbles 

The amazing story of the pebble!

I was digging a big hole for my new apricot tree when I saw a big pebble.  So I took it and said "Where did you come from pebble? Were you part of volcano and exploded into tiny tiny pi├Ęces?  You were burnt and then got colder. Then suddenly the lava came back and the pebble travelled for hundreds of kilometres.  It is 480 million years ago.

My pebble story

I was riding my horse and suddenly something hard hit my back. I looked at my back it was a pebble!  I put it in my pocket. Then I went to the club house. I put my pebble on the shelf and started taking a pebble book from the shelf and I opened the book, taking the pebble  on  the  table  and  I  saw  myself  in the past!


A short bit of the story of my pebble

The pebble started to talk to me about his exciting journey,
well..... I started in a volcano it was so hot that when it ERUPTED I tried to fly like a BIRD.

My mysterious present

It was Christmas morning.  My mum and dad woke me up and gave me a huge box.  So I began to open it and there was another box inside that box. It was like I was playing pass the parcel. When I eventually got to the last box there was a shiny golden pebble inside. I picked it up and rubbed the surface. What happened next was amazing!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Real Madrid.

Real Madrid is my favourite football team. They created the stadium and the first football team back in 1902.
I will show you a picture of the stadium so you can see how it looks.
Do you like it? Imagine you are in the stadium with 1700 people around you shouting and screaming...
Hala Madrid!!

Factor mazes

Two Fridays ago we had time to explore using the Cuisenaire rods in 4G in various ways. We came up with all sorts of designs.
We also invented some brilliant games. Mr Gregg was inspired by some of the games that involved a series of rooms. Developing these a little... how about if to pass through a wall your piece had to be a factor of that wall?

So we've made some amazing mazes and we're just starting to play the games: