Monday, 4 July 2016

In Netherlands!

I am now in Netherlands, and I like it a lot! We are soon going to search for a house to live in, and I hope we get a good one!My school reopens only in September, so I have loads of time to spend on vacation somewhere. I am eager to start Dutch at school! I miss you all loads, and thank's a lot for the card and T-shirt, I will always treasure it!


  1. Hi Rhea - I hope you're having a lovely summer! Have you explored the Netherlands a bit now?

  2. hi rhea can u meet me on animaljam every sunday perhaps?
    btw ive got more accounts just than poweranimals
    the usernames are crazecool567 imsofly77 and lilacrose567 plz buddy me

    1. just asking do u know about the aj toy set club geos that gives u 3 month free membership?
      if so do u know where to get it?

    2. and also ive once been in a game or temple of triva with WISTERIA MOON!!!!!!
      before i had the chance to say "OMG wisteria moon im a big fan can i have a auto?" the computer started lagging.