Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Internationalism in Year 4

The week began with Marcus telling us about the Romanian culture.  He also shared this video clip of traditional Romanian dancing.

After this we had a visit from Mrs Tyagi (Shriya's mum).

'Shriya’s mum came to tell 4B  about Rangoli.  Rangoli is an pattern-based art form from India and is created for special Indian festivals.  First Shriya’s mum used chalk to sketch an outline of a peacock on the floor.  Then she carefully filled the spaces with coloured sand, rice and flower petals.  We helped as well, it was fun!  It’s a shame we had to sweep it up!'
We also had a visit from Mrs Pampana (Yeshu's mum) who taught us the Telegu alphabet and read us a fable about a fox and a crow.  We also tried some yummy Indian food.
MeiLi and her mum helped us to understand more about Chinese culture, as MeiLi lived in China before moving to Toulouse.

Cristina and her mum treated us all to a Spanish experience - Tapas! 

The mum of Gökürk in Year 2 came in and shared lots of information about Turkish life and also showed us lots of interesting objects that are part of Turkish culture.
Rhea's mum told us the story of Punyakoti:
Maryam's mum read us a story in English and Urdu and also provided some wonderful pekoras with the class:

Keech told us all about maple syrup from Canada - and gave us some on pancakes!

Ines' mum came in and told us all about Scottish culture. We also had some nice oat cakes and shortbread!
She shared some Scottish music too:

Orla read us an Irish story, and also shared some home-made barmbrack with us: 
Thank you to all those parents in Year 4 who have so generously shared their time and cultures with us!

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