Sunday, 4 October 2015

Goufre de Padriac and Insectopia

On Sunday 4th October, me, my parents, my friend and her parents went on a picnic to a cave Goufre de Padirac. It was a long journey and my friend was in my car. Soon, we reached the place and sat on big rocks using them as chairs. We had a little packed picnic lunch there.

Finally, we were ready to proceed. Then we headed towards the ticket counter and got ready to go into the caves. Next, we took an elevator down. When we reached down, I thought I'd never see daylight ever again! Then, we walked down some steep steps to a little boat. The person rowing the boat spoke to us in English. He took us down a river which was first discovered by a man called Edouard-Alfred MARTEL. He first climbed down with a rope ladder and then by boat. We went by boat and back again. After that, we went to an insect museum called Insectopia. We saw all sorts of insects, but my favourite ones were the butterflies.