Sunday, 11 October 2015

Gimont Airshow

On Sunday the 4th October me and my family drove to Gimont to watch an airshow.

It is held every year but we did not go last year.

The aerial display started at 2pm.  The first display was by 'Popov' who is the World Champion Aerobatic
Pilot.  The thing I thought was really cool was when he cut his engine and hung in the air for about 7 seconds
and then started his engine again.  I think 'Popov' was really impressive!!!

The next thing we saw was the Patrouille de France which is a team of 8 red, white and blue jet planes doing glorious stunts.

In one of their stunts they made a big red heart in the sky with an arrow going through it.

Here is a video of them whizzing past!!!

At the end of the show the A380 did some stunts over Gimont and it took our breath away.

My Mum took these photos.