Monday, 12 October 2015

The Puy de Vichatel

After our long journey to the Auvergne we had our picnic lunch and headed up the Puy de Vichatel.
When we were in the crater we performed a play, a sequence of haiku poems, and a song to each other. What a great natural amphitheatre!

Here are some photos of the walk:

Here's a video of 4B's haiku poem sequence, filmed in the crater:

And here is the route we took on Google maps, recorded with Endomondo:

When we got to the centre, it was time for dinner! There's been no time to write our postcards tonight - we'll have to do it tomorrow night!

Have a look at Year 3's blog post too!


  1. Orla's Mum and Dad12 October 2015 at 13:27

    It looks like you're having a brilliant time. Have a great day tomorrow! :)

  2. Wonderful to see the children's happy faces. Looks like they had a happy day !!!

  3. Lovely to see the photos of your first day. Have a great day tomorrow.

  4. Thanks for sharing the precious pictures of today's walk.
    Freedom is what we breath by watching them.

    Matteo's Mum and Dad

  5. Great to see the excited young explorers...Enjoy your day tomorrow.
    Anaya's Mom & Dad

  6. Looks like you are all having a great time. We'll stay tuned for further adventures!
    Julia's Mum & Dad

  7. Rhea's mom and dad12 October 2015 at 21:41

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Glad to know the children had a lot of fun. Take care and enjoy the remaining trip.

  8. Wouah ! What a marvelous nature theatre to inspire yourself .
    Breath ! Kids the Pure Air of Auvergne . Look foward to read more about your fabulous expedition ! .
    MeiLi s Mum & Dad

  9. Wow! what a long hike you all had! I bet the scenery is gorgeous.
    - have you seen any wildlife?
    -have you seen any lava rock ?
    -how high up are you?
    Love all the photos, everyone looks like they're having a great time'
    From: Keech's mum & dad :)

  10. This is really good :) we wish the fun continues, enjoy !!
    Take care.

    From, Shriya's mom et dad

  11. You are very lucky to be in such a beautiful place!! Enjoy it!! Love the pictures! Thank you.
    Chloe's Mum and Dad.

  12. Fabulous to see your pictures Y3 & 4. The corridor is very quiet without you. Have a wonderful time tomorrow morning finding out lots about volcanoes. You'll be experts. I hope you’re looking after your lovely teachers too.

  13. Thanks for the summary and the lovely pictures! What a beautiful place to be !! You are really lucky !!!
    Have FUN :)
    Evangelos' Mum and Dad.

  14. Hi Mrs Baldwin, I remember when we went into the crater last year but i did not know how LONG the walk was because we were having so much fun!