Saturday, 30 April 2016

Taj Mahal (task 1)

You all may have heard about The Taj Mahal, but how many of you have seen something in the structure?
I picked this building because of its interesting structure, and its beautiful shape. It took more than 22,000 people to build this impressive building including laboureres,embroidery artists, painters stonecutters,and many others!

The four sides of the taj mahal are perfectly identical which creates a mirrored image on each side. It uses the principles of self replicating geometry and makes it an architectural wonder. The Taj mahal is 171 metres tall and it stands majestically on the banks of river yamuna . Many people want to watch it on a full moon day as its beautiful reflection can be seen on the waters

The Taj Mahal takes different colouring at different times of the day, Pinkish hue in the morning,milky white in the evening, and a pretty shade of golden in the night.
Here is a picture of me in the entrance:


  1. Great!

    Yes, the dome does look a bit like a church bell. It's also a typically Mughal creation.

    Did you know Shah Jahan was the son of Jahangir? - Remember the picture we looked at in class?

  2. Oh yes mr Gregg, I do remember the picture!

  3. MeiLi got chance to Travel and see the Majestic Taj Mahal you can talk to her about it she has Marvellous Memories .