Friday, 1 April 2016

The Weird Russian Alphabet

The Weird Russian Alphabet


Don't read if you have weak nerves!

Because the Russian alphabet will totally rack them!
For a start,  let's look at all Russian letters and how you pronounce them:

а      б      в      г      д      е       ё      ж      з      и      к      л      м      н       о
a      b      v      g     d     ye     yo    zh      z      i       k      l      m      n       o

п      р      с      т      у      ф      х      ц      ч     ш     щ      ъ      ы      ь      э
p      r       s      t       u      f       h              ch   sh    sh’                              e

ю   я
yu  ya

If the letter has no pronunciation under it, it means that this sound is really hard to pronounce and you probably can't do it.
If a letter has a ' after it, that means that the sound is soft.

Now for the strange things. If letter я stands at the beginning of the word or after a vowel like in як, we pronounce it like yak, but if it's in a middle of the word like in поляна, we pronounce it pol'ana. Same with е, ё, and ю. Tricky isn't it?

Here are some names written using Russian letters:

Kirill                   Кирилл

Louis                   Люи

Matteo                 Маттэо

Edward                Эдвард

Cristina                Кристина

Julia                     Джулиа/Джулия

It's all for today, see you again!


  1. Thank you Kirill - I think everyone's going to want to see their name written with the Russian alphabet now!

  2. Umm- Kirril you really made me speechless!!