Sunday, 3 April 2016

Scaling with cars and... Frank!!!

This morning I took some car models and made a table with the cars. Here are some pictures of the cars. They are a dark red Ford Mustang GT, a red Ferrari Scuderia Spider, a yellow Volkswagen Beetle and a light yellow Ford Focus. As you can see the models are at different scale.

And here is a picture of the table. I measured the length of the models,then I researched the length of the real car and at the end I calculated the scale. 

Finally I decided to check what is the scale of Frank! (or Frankie). 

Frank is approximately 36 cm long (including tail).
I did some research and discovered that normally a real lion is about 3.3 metres. So Frank is 9 times smaller than a real lion.

P.S. Frank likes peppers.


  1. Super scaling work Matteo. Well done.

  2. Yes, Matteo, you've taken a lot of care over this - well done!