Saturday, 30 April 2016

Lourdes 's Basilique. (Task 1)

The last week we received the visit of my grandparents. We organized several activities like: To know Toulouse, to visit Carcasonne, some museums, Lourdes......
My grandma wants go to Lourdes to visit its famous Basiliques. As you can see in the picture below, the Basiliques were very nice:

In the Basilique you can see a lot of geometric forms like: Triangles , cylinders , ovals , circles , rectangles , squares ...
In the following picture, I have tried to draw these forms:
With this drawing we could estimate the area!


  1. Just right, Maria!

    I like your idea of estimating area. Did you mean estimate the surface area of the building, as in how much paint you would need to cover it all (which probably wouldn't be a good idea!) or did you mean something else?

  2. I tried to draw the basilique with simple geometric forms to calculate the area as an example, the actual area is very difficult to calculate!!!!

    1. I'm sure it is! You'll have to show me.

  3. Of course Mr Greeg !!!!!