Sunday, 27 September 2015

A big bear!!!!!!

On a Wednesday afternoon when I came home back from school I found a huge bear in the living room!!! He was big and fluffy.
Sometimes before I go to bed I sit on the bear and start to read. I can do rolly polly on him: its great fun.
He is bigger than my bed and nearly as long as my bed.
His name is...
What do you think his name could be!!??!??!!?
( Its my mums bear!)


  1. That bear is enormous, Julia!
    Is it called... Tiny?

    1. I think he's pretty big Mr Gregg!! What about Huge?!

    2. Yes, unless you had shrunk to a very small Julia, that is one big bear!
      We should get the classes to estimate how tall it is!

  2. What a great bear! Is his name Brown Bear?