Thursday, 3 September 2015

Beginning our Maths Journals

Our first day. In our maths lesson we stuck this into our new Maths Journals:
We thought that was a funny thing, "It's OK to make mistakes". We talked about it, and had some great ideas:

Beatriz: When you make mistakes you learn more.

Jinmin: You learn by mistakes.

Hannah: The teachers don’t expect you to know everything.

Orla: You only make mistakes sometimes.

Rhea: We don’t want to make the same mistake again and again.

Keech: It’s OK to make mistakes because you can just cross it out.
Here's Miss Whittaker making a mistake with our number line when she put it up last year:
It was OK. She fixed it.
 We looked carefully at our number line, and the way the numbers in it are shown:

What patterns can you see? We spotted plenty, which we wrote down in our Maths Journals:

Rhea: All of the numbers on the 2nd line always have orange.

Lucia: All the five times table are blue.

Felix: Numbers like 22 have 11 under them.

Nicola: There are a lot of reds.

Evangelos: The ones that have 11 always have red in the ring.

Noa: The two is always orange.

Hannah: On the line 82 there is a pattern orange then a different colour and it repeats.

Orla: Most numbers are in a full red circle.

Maryam: All the even numbers rings have orange on them.

Maryam: All the odd numbers on the top line except from nine are full circles and none of them are
the same colour.

Maryam: There is a repeating pattern of orange and then no orange.

Jinmin: All the nine times table is green.

Beatriz: In the first column in goes whole whole half.

Armand: I notice that each colour means a times table. The ones that have 11 always have a red ring. If it’s orange it’s in the 2 times table. All the greens are in the 3 times table.

Ines: Every two times table is orange.

Tibo: Every tens have blue and orange.

Miguel: Every 5 times table is blue.

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