Sunday, 27 September 2015

My pebble story

One day I went to explore in my garden when suddenly I stepped on something very smooth. I looked under me and saw a golden pebble. 'Where did you come from pebble?' I asked and picked it up. 'Did someone throw you in my garden? and left you on the ground?'

I was entering my house on Christmas morning and entering the house I suddenly found myself in a place covered of precious rocks. "This place is so cool!" I said in my brain. Then I got out of that place and my pebble began to talk to me and it said this: 'I travelled through time and I fell down a water fall, a dinosaur stepped on me, then a river brought me to someone else's house and one day they threw me into your garden! I travelled everywhere: first I was a part of the mountain, some days later the mountain began to crumble, so I fell down and into a river. Then I got so scared because I saw a waterfall coming towards me, and after a bit I fell down a waterfall and made a giant splash! Then I got into a forest. After some minutes a dinosaur kicked me and I got to a very cold place. After some hours ice came. I was in the Ice Age! The Ice pushed me to another spot, then a polar bear kicked me out of the Ice Age, and then there was an earthquake that brought me into your garden (I was amazed that my pebble could talk.)