Sunday, 20 September 2015

Patterns of dots

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We all to this image home last week:
The task was to see what we noticed about the pattern.
At the end of the week, we discussed in pairs what we had noticed. Then we shared some of these things with the classes. Here's what some children in 4G noticed:
The prime numbers are in circles.
There's a pattern for 6 that keeps coming up.
Numbers in the 3 times table are in triangles.
There's a square of dots pattern for the multiples of 4.
Patterns combine. For instance has a pattern of 4 in a 3 pattern.
The 9 times table is a pattern of triangles.
Prime numbers line up diagonally. Or is it a lightning flash?
Triangles sometimes have triangle-shaped holes inside.
The non-primes show how many are in a group and then how many groups there are.

Notice Tibo's claim: "All the times tables are in diagonal lines." Do you agree? Can you prove or disprove his claim?
Did you notice anything different?
Thanks to for the nudge to use this great representation!

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