Sunday, 27 September 2015

My Pebble journey

At the very top of a volcano sat that very beautiful pebble I had found. One black and grey day the tall volcano started to rumble and suddenly erupted!!!! My  small pebble flew over the sky, filled with lava and landed roughly in the boiling rocks.  Every day it got hotter and hotter! But one day there was the biggest earthquake it had ever seen. Suddenly the solid earth started to shake.

A huge and large mountain started to grow. Over millions of years the mountain had snow, my pebble was in the Pyrenees. After thousands of years on a cold Christmas Winter the icy snow flakes fell extremely hardly. There was a huge rock on top of my pebble then... ... suddenly it started to move and fell.


  1. Well done Julia. You can really see the movement in the second picture.