Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Making olive oil with my grandpa

Today I went with my family to a little oil mill to produce olive oil starting from the olives that my grandpa picked from his olive trees.

Some olives

First of all, at home, my grandpa separated the olives from the leaves: grandpa put the olives and the leaves on an inclined piece  of wood; from there, the olives rolled down into a bucket, while the leaves remained on the wood.

Grandpa separating the olives from the leaves
Then, we brought the olives to the oil mill; there, we put all the olives on a big scale, to weigh them, and then dumped them into a big funnel.
The big funnel with the olives

Then, the olives were brought by a rail into a machine that washed them with cold water, and then into an olive press.

Finally, after some filtering, the olive oil came out of a little tube, ready to be bottled.

Me pouring fresh olive oil in a bottle
With 150 kg of olives, we made 29 litres of extra-virgin olive oil.

It was a great day.


  1. I'm sure you had fun making olive oil with your grandpa Matteo!

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  2. I always love seeing how things are made - so thank you for sharing the process with us Matteo! That part with the inclined piece of wood to separate the olives from the leaves is simple but clever!

  3. Hi Matteo, I had the chance of tasting this olive oil and I can say it's very good