Wednesday, 30 December 2015

My visit to Canada II

We went to a birthday party in the "Absolute Towers" which is very ,very........luxurious and Beautiful.The birthday girl was called Anya and the theme was MINIONS!!! It was really fun and there was a bouncy castle, me and my cousin brother had lots of fun. We also watched a movie called "The Minions" and then we met a real life Minion!, then we broke a Pinata. I got lots of candies and they were all my favorites.

Xmas Day: We went for a Xmas party where we had dinner and I made new friends. We all played Volleyball together. Me and my brother also got lot of gifts this Xmas and we loved our gifts a lot. We still love the gifts...  This was the best Xmas ever for me!

Day 5:
Can you guess where we went ???

We went to the Toronto Museum...
We first saw fossils of Dinosaurs, mammals and birds.

We then went to Pompeii exhibition where there were exhibits of the left overs of the famous city that was discovered recently. Pompeii was a city in Italy that was destroyed by the ashes of the very strong volcano eruption from mount Vesuvius. We got to learn lots about how Pompeii people were trapped and tried to survive the eruption. We saw all that was left over of people from that time in Pompeii then we tried dressing up like the people of Pompeii.
 Day 6: 
We went to Fantasy Fair which is a fair in a mall and I love that fair. It is mainly rides but it is very much fun. First we went on the fast train which is not exactly a train but it is kind of roller coaster which first goes forward very fast and then stops, goes backwards very fast. Me and my cousin enjoyed a lot and went on the ride 3 times. Then I went to hop and drop which is a ride where you sit and then you go up and drop down fast, this happens 6 times in the ride and is kind of scary. Then we went to the XD theater where we watched a film about roller coaster that has broken tracks. We are riding the roller coaster riding through tunnels and many other things. Afterwards, we went to the bumper cars which all of you might know about. It is a car and nothing happens if you crash into another car as it helps in driving. We then went in a cup and saucer ride where we sat on a kind of tea cup and we had a plate beneath us, we had to turn around plus the plate was also turning us around. So it was making us feel a bit dizzy. 

Day 7: 
We went to a place called Skyzone which is basically a place full of trampolines. You could only jump if you wanted to run because it is very very hard in those trampolines. There was also a foam zone where you had to jump into a 4 ft pool of foam blocks. I did it a lot and I loved it. Afterwards, we played basketball on a trampoline and I got a score in one of the tall hoops - YAY!! 

Day 8:
We went bowling and at first me and my cousin tried out all the balls but we could not figure which was the lightest. Once we found out we started playing. It was very fun.

Day 9:
We went to Niagara falls. It was very fun there but also very cold. I enjoyed a lot and I loved to stop by and see the waterfalls. In the night it was a beautiful sight. I made this for Niagara falls: 
N - Neat
I - International
A - Awesome
G - Great
A - Amazing
R - Rapid water
A - Astounding
F - Fantastic
A - Astonishing
L - Lucky
L - Lovely
S - Sweet smell.
This is how Niagara looked at day time ...

And this is how it looked at night time...

We had a great time in Canada and I wish to go again.

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  1. You did so much in Canada, Rhea - what a great experience!