Friday, 25 December 2015

My visit to Canada

Day 1 in Canada:
We went to the Central library in Toronto, Square Mall and  the celebrations square. In the library, I discovered some new series like cupcake dairies and cupcake club.I love those series and the library too! After that ,we went to Tim Hortons and had some hot chocolate and timbits.They were really yummy and I almost finished all of them!

Day 2 in Canada:
 On Day 2,we went to a karaoke night and I got the most points YAY!
It was fun and here is me singing a hindi song
Day 3 in Canada

First we went to the factory and learnt about how lego was made.
Then we went to a ride called the "Kingdom Quest" where we had guns and needed to shoot the bad guys.Then we watched a 4D movie called "Spellbreakers".
 Then we built our own race cars.  
Then we built our own thing out of lego blocks and I built an apartment with ten floors in each block.
After a while we went to the wizard of  OZ ride and I liked it a lot .


  1. This was all very fun and I am going to update it:)

  2. Thanks for posting this, Rhea. Sounds like a great holiday!
    And congratulations for winning the karaoke!