Sunday, 6 December 2015

My Trip to Switzerland and around

On 27-Nov we went to Switzerland, I was really excited about this trip. It was a road trip, bit took us 6-7 hours to reach.

Next day we visited Lausanne. Lausanne is located on the shores of the lake Geneva, the view of lake and the mountains is really nice. I have visited the Olympic museum; it is an interesting place to be.

Then we went to Montreux, it is famous for Christmas market. It was beautifully decorated with lights and many characters lightning. Adults were drinking hot wine and we enjoyed pop-corns, crepes and churros.

The day after we went to Chamonix. It was the first time I saw snowfall. We went for a walk in the snow filled city. We saw a glacier. We played there for some time, made snow man and threw snowballs on each other. I also made an snow trophy.

While returning from Chamonix we have visited Geneva city; there we have seen the lake and fountain known as jet d'eau.

Next day while coming back we went to Annecy. We saw the 3rd largest lake in France and it is the cleanest lake in Europe. Annecy is a beautiful city with canals and bridges. When we were near one of the bridge I noticed a swan just next to me, it was so near that I can touch it. It was a amazing experience.

I enjoyed the trip and want more trips like this.


  1. Wow Shriya you went to all the places I went!!

  2. That must have been impressive, to see your first snowfall, Shriya!
    And I like the sound of Annecy - you've made me want to go there!