Friday, 25 December 2015

My trip to Cite de l'Space (planetarium)


Place of visit Cite de l' espace.

Date of visit                

22nd  December 2015.


my dad,mom & brother.
It took one hour from my house to the museum by bus and metro.
After reaching there
We took entry pass and site map.
Museum is divided into four parts. a) Stellarium, b) Les Expositions, c) Les Jardin, d) Astralia.
>we started in jardin(garden area) looking at Cite de l'space from various distances from sky. Example:- 10m distance from earth, 100m distance from earth, 1km distance, 1000km distance etc..,
>Then we moved to ASTRALIA-PLANETARIUM at 10:45 am. We watched cosmic collisions movie. In this we learned about earth's formation, asteroids collisions & mergning, sun, solar system, milky way, galaxy nebula and many other galaxies. This movies is very interesting.
>At 12:00pm, we went to shoot water rockets.
>At 12:15pm, we went ASTRALIA-iMAX. we watched about HUBBLE telescope launch and last repair from astronauts. Hubble telescope is used to capture images of space (example:- sun neutron blast, nebula images, milky way picture and many other things.)

We went to lunch and had chicken sandwich with french fries + ice cream :)
After lunch
> We went to see Expositions and saw the exhibits. After that we went to Stellarium to watch earth, moon & sun movie. In this movie we learned about moon formation. Lunar & solar eclipse formation.
> After this we went to jardin to see station MIR ( russian satellite station)telescopeterradomeARIANE-5Maze & various spaceship objects.
> After that we played in astronauts park and then to moon runner.
We had a great day in the planetarium and I recommend my friends to visit this place and have fun.

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  1. Fantastic - thank you for the recommendation, Yeshu! I agree with you, it's a great day out!

    The last time I was there was one evening last term, for an event called the Nuit des Chercheurs, where all sorts of people from the Universities of Toulouse came and shared lots of their really interesting discoveries with us.