Sunday, 7 February 2016

Carnival in my village

This weekend has started the carnival in my village. This week it's very funny because there are a lot of activities for everybody. I love carnival!!! 
In my village  there are several "Carnival groups". I always participe with the cultural association "Las PeƱuelas".  Were are around 200 people!!!!!
Every year we dressed up with a different theme like : "Alice's wonderful world", "The Lion's king", "Film's History", "Epic, the secret's world" ... And this year the selected theme has been "The magic of the Cirque du soleil". Unfortunately I have not disguised but my family has sent me some photos:

There is also a children's carnival group that has disguised as the movie "Rio":

Do you joint to the party?????


  1. I'd like to join in, yes! Thanks for posting this Maria!

  2. Wow, looks like great fun Maria :)

  3. I'd want to go there it's gonna be really funny

    Thanks, For posting it in blogger :)