Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Peugeot sign

This is my PEUGEOT sign,              
This is a symbol representing Peugeot: it is a lion. It is on cars and motorbikes and other vehicles. 

It is a French make.

I think the company chose the lion symbol because when you see a lion you think of it being big and strong so people will buy it.
That’s what I thought...

But actually Belfort (a small town in France near Switzerland) was the first town to make

Peugeot and the symbol of that town was a lion.

Here is a map of  Belfort
Here is a picture of a statue of a lion in Belfort


  1. Noah - great post!

    You've done a couple of really good things here.

    1. You've said what the lion says as well as the most obvious thing, Peugeot. So it says "big and strong".

    2. And then you've taken it a step further and seen that there is another story, the history of how the symbol was used by Peugeot, that maybe it comes from the town where they were first made.

    I wonder if they chose it for both reasons?