Sunday, 14 February 2016

 On Friday ,
 Cristina and Frank went for a sleepover to my country house in Florentin (81 ).
On the way to go home i already cared about Frank .
In Auvergne someone pulled Frank s leg and he lost it.  So i decided to fix his poor leg .
I banded it with a tissue bandage then  he felt much better for running every where in our house :-)))))) .

I and Cristina mainly enjoyed playing together when she left on Saturday ,
 i spend more time with Frank in front of the chimney.

Frank  loved watching the flame of the fire and hear the fire cracking .at lunch time i feed him :-)))) .

At 3.30pm my dad switch on the TV , there was  a Rugby match !
 do you know who was playing ?????????
France  vs  Ireland  so I and Frank decided to watch it.
We ve got lot of  pleasure to cheer  our French  team !!!!!!! here a picture .......

Frank was a good friend during my week end .


  1. Hi everyone. MeiLi and Frank look like they had fun.

    from Chloé :)

  2. YAY FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!! :)