Wednesday, 10 February 2016

More Dimensions

Mr Gregg talked about how Rene Descartes* used to lie in bed in the morning staring at the ceiling. He saw a fly flying around next to the ceiling and thought he could always describe where the fly was with just two numbers.

Here's Mr Gregg, lying down in Descartes' house, looking at the ceiling:

 You could have a three dimensional space in GeoGebra too. Like this. The three dimensions are shown by the three different-coloured lines:

We talked about shapes in different dimensions, different versions of the square in different dimensions:
lines, squares, a cube

This image shows how we can start at a no-dimensional point, and grow into bigger-number dimensions:
A lot of people wanted to go into four dimensions! This is tricky as we live in a three dimensional world!

Here is one picture of the tesseract, the 4D cube:

After we'd talked about this for a bit, we all wrote down in our own words what we'd understood about dimensions.

Here are some of our journals (2D version!):
We're getting good at writing what we're learning!

And more great questions! 
Orla asked what a -1D shape would look like.
Rhea asked what a 0.5D shape would look like.
Beatriz wanted to know what a 10,000D shape would be like!

*Some of us live on Avenue René Descartes, just by the school:

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