Sunday, 1 May 2016

A magical holiday in Bristol

Hi, I just arrived to Bristol it´s very beatiful here. I love to see the hotel.
!look! teres the @t Bristol, the @t Bristol is a very fun place to learn about science and I learnd lots of new things, the thing that I liked best was how to make chocolate and what it´s made of.

chocolate comes chocolate comes from Ghana, the trees in Ghana have lots of chocolate.

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                Then  they chop team in two peaces and tack what is inside it.  Then , they collect the seeds, then they crack the seeds in two pieces. They separate the chocolate butter and the chocolote. So, they start making the chocolate. And, the White chocolate is made with chocolate butter only. The milk chocolate is made of middel of chocolate butter and chocolate mass.
Black chocolate is made  of chocolate mass.

That day I have lots of fun!!!

NEXT DAY: I traveled to the suspensión bridge. I was asking my self how many colums are there , and I countied them.

How many colums are there in the pictures?

Do a comment please!!

I was walking in Bristol and I saw a sign that said Baldwin Street . Look here a picture of it.

I went to Bath. Bath is a city where there is a Bath of Queens and Kings. A Bath is a place closed and it looks like caves, but it's not a cave, there is floor that have lots of hot temperatura. It is like a spa. In the history it was to wash there self. They went with out cloths to the Bath and they were having a shower.

Then , we went to eat in a Italian restaurant. It was called " Ciao ". We prononce it Chao.

THE NEXT DAY: I went to Cheddar and Wells. In Cheddar it was the country side, they made cheddar cheese from cow and goat milk- It was a pretty day. It was very sunny.

In Wells I was impressed by the cathedral.

The next day , I went to a jumping place . I had lots and lost of fun.
There was lots of jumping castles. The part that I liked best was , when my Dad was driving in the different place into the car. Also, we payed in pound and not euros. I was really confuside with the changes at first.

I had a lovely day. The restaurant I liked best was the hindi and fish and chips.


  1. Interesting , Cristina!!!!!!!

  2. Baldwin Street - Well I never! Fame at last!

    1. your so lucky wander if theres a place called Hannah street?

  3. Baldwin Street - Well I never! Fame at last!

  4. Umm, I think there are 12 collums??

  5. your sooooo lucky I would love to go back eat fish and chips my kinda place!