Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Kew House Questions

Our central idea at the moment is 

Shape and space affects the design of structures and their environments.

We thought it would be good to talk to an architect about this, and David Shanks has kindly said he will do a Google Hangout with us next week.

To help us think about this, we looked at a house in Kew that David Shanks has been involved in, and thought together about how the house was designed and built.
Kew House

After we felt we understood the building better, we thought of some questions to ask David Shanks:

Ellis and Ines: How did you think of all the shapes in the house?

Killian and Armand: Was it for a specific family?

Maryam: How long did it take to build it?

Rhea and Orla: Why is the roof so narrow?

Maria: How many people can live in it?

Orla: How many people were involved in building it?

Felix and Jinmin: How deep are the foundations?

Jinmin and Felix: How did you get the money for the house?

Beatriz: How long is the house?

Bea: How do you draw the plans?

Shriya and Louis: How do you decide how many/big windows there are?

Noah: Are all the steps/stairs the same size?

Kirill: How do you keep the whole house warm? (I can only see one furnace)

Edward and Matteo: Does the architect decide what shape the house is?

Teresa and Cristina: Why are some of the walls made of glass?

Mateo and Pablo: How did you get your ideas for the design of the house?

Yeshu and Abi: How did you get the house to have so much space?

Loris and Marcus: Why did you make the house big and the garden little?

Libby and MeiLi: Why did you put a window on the roof?

Rhea: How do you plan the bedrooms and other rooms?

Noa: Where do you put the mud you took out of the ground?

Hannah: Why does it look old on the outside and modern on the inside?

Killian: Who gave you the idea to be an architect?

Maryam: What do you do in your free time?
Kew House

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