Thursday, 19 May 2016

Coolest Buildings in the First British Architects' International Prize

We've been looking at the buildings on the shortlist for the  First British Architects' International Prize

Which ones did we think deserved to win?

ParkRoyal hotel, Singapore
Tibo, Noah, Killian: "The best for nature, with lots of trees. It looks comfortable, camouflaged, cool. It would suck pollution, smoke out of the air."
Louis, Felix, Bea: "Colourful and friendly."
MeiLi, Libby, Evangelos, Manu: "It looks camouflaged and comfortable."
Maryam, Nicola, Hannah: "It could be like a natural house, that's good for the environment. Part of its beauty is its naturalness. It helps nature and it doesn't pollute as much. The plants take in carbon dioxide and they give oxygen. They help the world!"
Ines, Orla, Rhea: "There are lots of plants and it looks nice to stay in. Lots of greenery and freeness for plants. It's an interesting shape too."
Abi, Yeshu, Shriya: "Very eco-friendly. It also looks very pretty with all the plants on the edge."

Heydar Aliyev Arts Centre, Azerbaijan
Miguel, Ellis, Matteo: "It is big and tall, so it can fit lots of people in it. It's a public building."
 Beatriz, Cristina, Maria: "It's got light and it's colourful."

Sancaklar Mosque, Turkey

Saint Trinitatis Church, Germany

Tula House, Canada
Loris, Mateo, Pablo: "The view is lovely and the house is modern."

University, Qatar
 Edward, Julia, Kirill: "It's really attractive with wings. It looks like a aeroplane. At the back it has these stripes. It would make a perfect university. It's good for the environment because it doesn't take up too much space."
Marcus, Jinmin and Keech: "The colours are very cool."

House, Australia

Hotel, United States of America
Armand, Noa, Teresa: "It's like a pyramid; one part looks like it's broken. It has lots of squares."

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  1. My favourite building is the house in Australia because it looks like a lovely place to live
    and I would like to live in it.