Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The most amazing buildings that I saw

These are the most amazing buildings that iv ever saw. I also saw more but this three ones are the most amazing. I also went in the Arabians kings castle that was in Spain to Sevilla here was were Christofer Columbus was when he was going to America. Sevilla is nearly the same city as one of America because Christofer Columbus decided to have 2 cities the same.  
The 1st picture is a cathedral they had lots of churches because nearly all of them believe in god so that cathedral is called La Giralda. 
We went to the river Guadalquivir, the 5th biggest river in Spain, and the in Arabian it means big river and the bridge to cross it was incredible. 
If you look at the third picture it is the Plaza de España, there is were they did Star Wars 1 and the Game of Thrones. 
Again in Spain we went to Valle de Aran, to a village that is called Salardú, and it is the second picture, it is the church.

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