Sunday, 1 May 2016

Holiday Homework: Task 1 and 2

                                                                                Task 1:

These are three pictures of three structures I saw close enough to my house. The first one is a wind mill, the second one is a museum, and the third one is airbus buildings.

                                                                               Task 2:
For this task, I chose three works and projects by: Zaha Hadid, an architect that recently died.

Heydar Aliyev Centre di Baku
The Center houses a conference hall (auditorium), a gallery hall and a museum.
I found this shape interesting because the shape has the style of a wave.

Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre
 It will house five theatres – a music hall, concert hall, opera house, drama theatre and a flexible theatre.I like this picture, it looks like a fish and looks like there are waves on the windows.

Casa Atlantica
It is a residential building in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
I think it is impressive because it has the shape of bones.

All the three buildungs I chose are free and organic architectures.
They are not rigid and geometrical buildings. They are inspired by natural shapes.


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