Sunday, 12 June 2016

AnimalJam Membership

Animal jam is my  favourite online game ever, and not only is it fun, but also educates you on the animal category! In animal jam, you can choose to be whatever animal you would like to be. I am a Panda, a seal, and a Racoon. Membership in animal jam is an amazing thing, because you get to be whichever animal you want, and adopt whatever kind of pets you want! Today, my dad surprised me by buying me 1 month membership! I was so happy and I started buying things right at that point! In animal jam you also have what is called a den,(your house) and with membership you can also get new kinds of dens, and I have a small house, a sunken ship, and an enchanted hollow! 
To play yourself and have a lot of fun, click this link:

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