Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Giants

We were buying some ice cream when suddenly a big figure loomed over us and sent us flying in the air.

Me my son and my wife survived but our poor daughter went right into the giant vacuum cleaner.

We were filled with grief but we knew that if we stayed here talking we were all going to die so we went away for our first time without our daughter. We ran and ran forever until we found ourselves in a maze.

Fortunately a stranger that knew this maze and helped us to find the exit. But he needed money in return.

We gave him the money. (Only 4 dongers) (Which means 2 cents) He gave us the money to pay us a trip on a boat to get back to our house.

Our son was getting tired of the long trip so he fell asleep in the boat.

When we arrived home the big giants were gone.

We were still filled with grief from our daughters death from the giants with the giant vacuum cleaners.

We marched back home.

It was hot compared to outside.

It felt good to be in a hot place.

We went up without Lucy

Killian (with a lot of help from Jinmin)

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