Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The lost girl

I’ve just finished work. I am finally free to read my book!
I might read inside, just in case master comes along!
Ahhhh! I sat down on my broken bed, and started to read.
And then Maya started to cry.... Ahhhhhh! MASTER! NOT MY BOOK PLEAAASE!
Arini, get up you fool! You still have loads of work to do! he said and locked the book in a drawer.
NO BUTS! You know that you’re here to work, you can’t just read! Now pick up that spade, and go burn some coal!
I picked up the spade and started shovelling the coal.
Sparks of fire shot up to me and started to burn my skin.
This is no job for a child! I thought as I climbed up to clean the soot-filled chimney.
My work is finally done, and master is now at the party, so that means I can go to get my book back by using my hair pin as the key!
I went walking back up the corridor to my bedroom and crept in just in case master was still there
I tried to open the lock, and succeeded! I grabbed my book and escaped quickly.

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