Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The giants

We were in the Wednesday market place with our daughter and with my wife, we were buying some meat, some melon, lemon and suddenly the sky went black. I checked my watch but it was still 10 o’clock, (of course in the morning) and then giant feet appeared out of nowhere and then vacuumed my daughter away! Of course, I wanted her back. But how could I? It was a disaster! I wanted my daughter back but I needed to save myself and keep my wife safe. So I couldn’t save my daughter.

That’s why we ran and ran and dived and ducked but the giants were too quick, and we decided to hide in a sewage. It smelled horrible and there were slimy water and gluey bubbles, and that’s when we saw light. From a certain distance there was a filthy looking man with a cigar as thick as a finger filled with tobacco, a whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other, he looked dangerous, his eyes were cold blue like the winter sea. He had a ladder. We approached slowly, but before we said a word the man shouted “come if you want to live.”


With help from Killian

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