Sunday, 5 June 2016

Making structures at home

Today we have built some structures at home. It has not been the "typical structures" but it has been a funny familiar activity.

OBJECTIVE: To create the highest structure capable of supporting a candy.
MATERIALS: Spaghetti, scotch tape, candy and thread.

First of all, we did a brainstorming ... We drew different ideas:

After that, we started by the first idea, but in the process we decided to try a mix between the first and the second idea.

Finally, we completed the structure achieving the objective with a final height of 62 cm. 

We made a second structure trying to improve the first one. In this case, the structure was based in a lot of spaghettis used liked pillars.

For this structure we achieved the objective with a final height of 83 cm!!!!

When we finished the activity, my sister and I joined both structures with additional spaghettis. What do you think? From my point of view it seems an attraction park!!!



  1. What a wonderful thing to do, Maria! We were wondering about doing something like this with Year 4 - and now we definitely must! You've documented it so well - thank you!

  2. That looks very cool Maria!

  3. Amazing Maria, looks like you had a fun time making your structure!

  4. Wow Maria! What a creative idea! And You and your sister look so cute together!