Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Dmitriy Mendeleev Presentation

The Russian chemist who discovered the periodic table of elements

Born: 27 January 1834 - Died: 20 January 1907 

Mendeleev is one of the people, who are making me really proud of my country. He had build the foundation of modern chemistry! The periodic table changed the world forever. Without it, chemistry would look pretty much like in middle ages. 
Dmitriy HAD made a difference to a world. The tale says that Mendeleev saw the periodic table in his dream. In the periodic table, elements are sorted by their atomic weight. And if we know the atomic weight of an atom, we can pretty much tell his abilities! With the periodic table, we can say what abilities will have the elements that we haven’t discovered yet! I should say thank you to him! 
Actually, Mendeleev is so famous, that 101h element in his table and crater on Moon!


  1. This is great Kirill! Did you hear, more elements have been discovered just recently and added to the table?

    1. No, I didn't known about that! Maybe I should see about this elements in Wikipedia!

    2. Yes, and I think we should follow up this post in Year 4 this week - and everyone should know about elements.