Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Pattern on the Dress of the Mathematics Fairy

We still needed to look at that mysterious number pattern on the dress of the Mathematics Fairy:

We now knew that the "fish" shape is a 4 and the upside-down V is a 7:
Flipping this round, it's the same as an ancient Greek pattern called Plato's Lambda (lambda is the Greek letter L and looks like Λ):
As this pattern was a little hard to understand, we looked at an easier one first:
We noticed lots of things about it:
We noticed the multiples of two on the left, and the multiples of three on the right. But, some of us were bothered that there wasn't a one!

Then we had a look at Plato's Lambda. Here's what 4G saw:

Hannah wondered why there was no zero this time. Miguel thought, as the Greeks didn't know about zero, they didn't put one in.

We noticed that on the left each time we went down and to the left we multiplied by two. On the right, each time we went down and to the right we multiplied by three.

Killian carried on that rule and filled in the other stones. Then he worked out what the next row would look like.

Here is a video of Kirill exploring and explaining his thoughts behind whether other numbers could be used instead.  What do you think?


Killian has made a great book about the pattern:

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