Sunday, 10 January 2016

Watching REAL MADRID vs La Real Sociedad

By my birthday present my parents gave my two tickets to watch REAL MADRID vs La Real Sociedad.
Me and my father went to watch it. 

First Ronaldo failed a penalty, then there was a second penalty and he scored it. Then Bruma of la Real Sociedad scored to the corner of the goal. Odd game, it was really interesting and exciting game.
Marcelo made a smooth shot over the defenders and the ball arrived to Ronaldo. He shot and scored again. What a goal!
Close to the end of the game, there was a third goal of Real Madrid scored by Lucas.
I was really impressed by the Real Madrid!!!!
Three players of Real Sociedad were injured during the game and had to be substituted by other players.

I received a final gift, look.

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  1. What a great birthday present, Miguel! I'm glad it was an exciting match too!