Sunday, 3 January 2016


On 1st January, we went to Luchon. Luchon is a beautiful city in Midi Pyrenees.
It took 2hrs to reach there by car. First we went to tourist office to get some information about the places to visit in Luchon; then we had a walk in the city centre.
There are beautiful houses in the city, the roof of most of the houses in Luchon  Valley are grey. There are many shops in the city centre. 

Then we went to a ski resort, Superbagneres. We reached there by cable car. When I was sitting in the cable car I was bit scared and excited at the same time. After some time we reached the top of the mountains.

The view of snow covered mountains was extremely beautiful. The sun was shining brightly and it was a wonderful day. Children were sliding using sledge.

We clicked many pictures with the mountains. We played with the snow and also slide from the snow slope. We had lot of fun.Then we had our lunch. We also walked on the snow covered mountains. 
Then we came back to Luchon valley by cable car. 

It was really a fun trip. I enjoyed a lot.

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