Friday, 8 January 2016

OXYGEN discoverd by ......

Carl Wilhelm ScheeleCarl Wilhelm Scheele

Born:- 9 Dec 1742 capital Pomeranie
Birth place:- Stralsund Pomeranie Germany
Died :-21 May 1786
Location of death :-Koping Sweden
Cause of death:- unsprcified
Gender:- male
Occupation:- Chemist
Nationlity :-Sweden
Executive Summary:- Discovered Oxygen Chlorine Manganese;

Oxygen was first discovered by Swedish pharmacist Carl Wilhelm Scheele. He had discovered it by about 1772. Scheele called the gas “fire air” because it was the only known supporter of combustion, and wrote an account of this discovery in a manuscript he titled Treatise on Air and Fire, which he sent to his publisher in 1775. However, that document was not published until 1777. Meanwhille, oxygen was also identified by Joseph Priestly in 1774. Priestly discovered a colourless gas from heated red mercuric oxide. He found this gas was highly combustible. He called it dephlogisticated air. Priestly shared his discovery with the French scientist Antoine Lavoiser. Lavoiser was able to show oxygen supported animal life respiration.

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