Sunday, 3 January 2016

Who is Jacques Cartier ?

Jacques Cartier Was born in St.Malo Brittany North of France on 31st December 1491 . His death  was in St. Malo in 1557 .                          Jacques Cartier on his expedition  boat .                                         
               King Francis the First asked to this French Navigater to sail from Europe to Asia . He was the first one to describe the gulf of St. Lawrence and the shores of the St. Lawrence river ,wich He named CANADA!!!!!!! 
He would make three voyages to North America . In all have numerous encounters with the native people , like Iroquois  Tribe (indians.) local plants and learnt how to cure scorbut illness (Missing Vitamine C .)
Jacques  Cartier  built diplomatic relations with the native people during these different voyage.

He discoverd the Island Prince Edward  as far as Qebec. Cartier was the first to document the name Canada to designate the territory on the shores of the St. Lawrence River  . The name Canada was used to designate the small French  colonys and the French colonys were called Canadiens . The Canadien flag has a maple leaf on it to celebrate the maple tree's that  grow in the country.

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