Sunday, 10 January 2016

Roman Numerals

I learnt that the numbers we normally use are called Arabic numerals, however there are many different systems to express numbers that are used in other cultures or have been used in the past.
One of those systems is that of the Roman numerals which was used in ancient Rome.

Ancient Romans
In the Roman numeric system the numbers from 1 to 10 are represented like this:
Roman numerals
I noticed that often to write a number in the Roman system it takes more symbols than in our system, for example number 789 is ''DCCLXXXIX", but in few cases the Roman system takes less, for example the Romans used only the letter ''M'' to indicate number 1000.

Roman numbers are still used today in some special cases; for example, they are used to indicate the number of the Superbowl, the final game of the football championship in the United States
The symbol of Superbowl n. 48
I am glad that in Italy we decided to give up the Roman system.

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