Friday, 20 November 2015

An Old and Ancient Mine By Mateo

In the deep mysterious and black cave, very long ago in Mexico, there was an  amount of gold, because of spies: they tried to steal all their gold and money. They were so so bad after twenty-six years working on the mine they abandoned it. It was really sad for the villagers who lived in the village. It was really a strange mine. It was like a mix of mine/house sort of. There was no light and they needed to work with little candles all over the place. Somehow the workmen gave names to each place in the mine.


  1. Well done Mateo for being the first to do the hundred-word story! I love it; it's not quite like any story I've read before! I feel like I want a whole book about that village and that mine now!

  2. Lots of light and dark in your story - just like the picture. Well done for having such a good imagination. Yes - well done too for being the first to write your new 100 word story.