Thursday, 12 November 2015

Marie Curie - Biography

Where did Marie Curie grow up?
Marie grew up in Warsaw Poland. Her birth name was Maria Salomea Sklodowska, though her family called her Manya. Both of her parents were teachers. She had two sisters and one brother, but she was the youngest of them all. Marie was a very good student.

Tough times:
Her family came upon tough times. Marie’s father lost his job because he was in favour of Polish rules. And her sister Zofia got sick and died. Two years later her mother got ill and died as well. It was becoming very difficult for young Marie.

Her school in France:
Marie wanted to go to a university in Poland but women were not allowed to go. One day Marie discovered a university in France where women were allowed to go! Six years later, she proposed a deal with her sister “If I pay you money to go to a university in France, when you finish you pay me so I can go to the university.” So that’s what they did. In the university Marie married Pierre Curie so Marie’s name changed into Marie Curie.

New elements:
Marie and Pierre investigated the pitchblende and X-rays. They eventually discovered two new elements in the pitchblende! She named one of them  Polonium and the other Radium.

Nobel prize:
The Nobel Prize was awarded to Marie Curie, Pierre Curie and Henri Becquerel in 1903 for their work in radiation. In 1911 Marie won another Nobel Prize! Marie was the first women to win a Nobel Prize.

She died in 1934.

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