Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Born in 1820 to a rich family. Florence wanted to help others, In particular she wanted to become a nurse but at that time nursing was not a sign of how important you were. Her parents disagreed though when they died Florence became a nurse.

In 1853 the Crimea (Russia)war broke out. Florence was asked to travel to Crimea (Russia) and organise a group of nurses but when she arrived there at the hospital the nurses were only allowed to clean the hospital not help the doctors.

After time the doctors asked the nurses to help though, because there were too many hurt soldiers. Florence and her team were greatly appreciated! And when she came back to London she was given loads of awards then she founded a school for nurses and still improved conditions in hospitals! She died in 1990 of old age!


  1. You look fab Hannah - a very important person in history too! love Pap

  2. Good blog Hannah! (Hannah banana if you like it more)