Sunday, 22 November 2015


A detective went to Egypt and when he entered a tomb he saw Egyptian writing.

He tried to read it and it said “To whoever is reading this: the curse of Tutankhamen is that you will die tomorrow and you’ll be a slave for all your death and it won’t rain in Egypt for 100 years.” Then the detective said, “Here there are waxed cases.”

Then he found a boy to help him to find the treasure of the sphinx.

The boy that helped the detective said he was a thief and that he was going to kill the detective. 

But no one knew the detective was Indiana Jones. When the thief realized this he was running away from him but Indiana got his whip and reached his foot and got the gold that he was trying to rob. Indiana said “this is the treasure of the pharaohs. If you rob it they will throw you a curse. It belong to them.”

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  1. That picture looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics to me too Miguel! Well done for a bit of Indiana Jones style adventure!