Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Temple

Once there was a temple with a big chandelier that has a big pointy end to it. There was also a really tall women singing. Then the women kept singing and singing around the room, but in Greek. Then the women looked up and saw an umbrella.  The women was puzzled and she stopped singing.  She kept looking at the umbrella slowly falling down to the ground like a feather.  She thought why is this temple so weird now that there is a window nobody can look through because it's so high above the ground.  She looked around the room and she saw a lot of workers working everywhere.  She said to the workers, "What is going on around here?"

A worker said, "We're fixing the temple."

"Oh, sorry to bother you," said the women in a kind voice. She then danced and sang her way to the temple exit, because she was so happy that the temple she grew up in and loved the most was getting fixed.

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