Thursday, 12 November 2015


He was born in Corsica, a French island on the 15 th of August  1769.

At age 9 his parents sent him to military school in France.

At the age 16 and only 1m 57cm (he was short for that age).

He became a artillery lieutenant. He studied strategy and joined the winning side.

 He was promoted to Captain, commander then to General.
 By the age 26 he commanded the entire French army.

Napoleon crowned himself Emperor in 1804, during this time he started up banks in France.
He invaded nearly every country in Europe and started dozens of wars that cost millions of lives. But in one battle, in Waterloo, Belgium, he failed against the English, led by the Duke of Wellington the Dutch and the Prussians.
He was captured by the English and was brought to the small island of St Helens in the Atlantic Ocean. He died there 7 years later age 52.

A small man who changed everything to France!

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